Specific: Primarily designed for the care sector
Convenient: Three programmable buttons, each with LED
Simple: Easy to connect to external devices
Practical: Can be surface-mounted or on an outlet socket
Integrated: Member of the WALL Family


Whether for registering and deregistering in a care room, triggering an emergency call or simplifying the connection of external devices: the multifunctional call button 3PUSH + PEAR offers great flexibility.

  • Three buttons, each with status LED
  • Call triggering by external device
  • A variety of operating modes
  • Screw terminal strip so that external devices can easily be connected
  • With two wired inputs and outputs
  • Surface- or flush-mounted
  • Powered through battery or external network component
  • Battery and transmission path monitoring
  • Can be configured via jumper or the WIOR programmer

The multifunctional call button 3PUSH + PEAR can be used for inpatient care for a person to register upon entering or leaving a room or to trigger an alarm. It has three programmable buttons, each equipped with a status LED. Room can operate according to a predetermined operational plan or in a special radio-transmitter-steered mode.

Additional wired call devices can be integrated into the system via a jack connection. If these devices are triggered, 3PUSH + PEAR transmits an alarm that is sent to the carephone system.

  • Call triggering via external device
  • Duplex communication
  • Volume regulator with AGC
  • 2 weeks battery backup
  • Multi-protocol enabled
  • Alarm-type-specific call sequence for up to 16 alarm type groups
  • Splash-proof
  • Three programmable buttons, each with a status LED
  • A variety of operating modes
  • Integrated radio receiver and transmitter
  • Two inputs
  • Two outputs
  • Can be configured via jumper or the WIOR programmer
  • Powered by battery (2 x AAA) or external network component (10-24 V DC)
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Transmission path monitoring

The multifunctional call button with plug connector

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The radio transmitter box

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The pull switch

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The programming unit

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The call and pull cord button

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