Your standard for digital carephones:

Reliable: Always up to date
Comfortable: Remote updates and configuration
Efficient: More reliability and control

The digital change in the care of the elderly is the key to more efficiency and thus also to more time in the care of each individual person. With the introduction of the first digital telecare system NOVO, NEAT 2017 has established a new standard.

  • Excellent voice quality
  • Always up to date with remote control
  • Absolutely reliable with real-time monitoring via CMP portal
  • Low training requirements for employees
  • Automatic programming during installation
  • Remote programming
  • Programmable voice prompts
  • Voice-guided programming
  • Programming of important functions on the device
  • All models with nursing care insurance approval
  • 48 radio components, 40 of which can be programmed with Plug & Play

With the various devices of the NOVO family, NEAT has created an individually adaptable and future-proof standard for digital telecare systems. In combination with the SMILE transmitter and the Care Management Portal CMP, new potential for even more time and space in care is created. With simplified processes, the teams in the telecare center, for example, can concentrate even more on their essential service of “emergency calls”.

NOVO combines network capability, simple operation and reliable security with functional design and can be easily integrated into any ambience and care situation. At the same time, NOVO relies on proven functionalities for low training requirements. The NOVO family is available in all variants with nursing care insurance approval.

The NOVO family offers the optimal connection for every requirement and every network and consistently relies on the standardized and secure SCAIP protocol for the digital models. In addition, we enable downward compatibility with the familiar audio protocols. Find a NOVO solution for every connection, from analogue TAE plugs to IP telephony. The NOVO 4G models deliver high speed and effectiveness in communication. Our VoIP based NOVO IP-GSM models integrate voice, data, video, etc. and optimize the entire communication infrastructure.

You always have everything in view via our online portal CMP. In this way, possible failures can be identified and rectified at an early stage.

NOVO can be conveniently controlled and managed remotely – employees gain more time for core tasks.

Thanks to regular updates, NOVO always remains functional. Depending on the CMP package, faulty functions can also be resolved online.

With its digital connection, NOVO can be easily embedded in any environment and any care scenario.

With its plug and play functionality, NOVO can be delivered and installed without any direct contact with the telecare customer.

The NOVO family offers the right connections for a maximum reliable connection for every network and every requirement.

  • High sound-level
  • Duplex communication
  • Volume regulator with AGC
  • 2 weeks battery backup
  • Multi-protocol enabled
  • Alarm-type-specific call sequence for up to 16 alarm type groups
  • Splash-proof
  • Excellent speech quality
  • Bidirectional radio transmission in 916.2MHz and Class 1 receiver
  • Automatic detection of the alarm type
  • Up to 48 radio transmitters programmable
  • Multi-protocol capable
  • Alarm-type-specific call sequence for up to 16 alarm type groups
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Housing and loudspeaker splash-proof
  • External antenna connectable
  • Automatic memory allocation by up to 40 radio components with Plug & Play
  • Nursing Insurance Approval
  • Intelligent roaming
  • Connected to Neat CMP
  • Installation related settings available
  • Power supply
  • Accumulator performance
  • Radio interference detection and alert
  • Intelligent national roaming for reliable GSM/GPRS communication, also for EU countries and Switzerland at no extra cost
  • Redundant communication paths: backup via GSM/GPRS
  • Online monitoring and supervision via the NEAT Care Management Portal
  • Monitoring and reporting of power supply, battery power, radio frequency fluctuations, functionality of the accessories (via radio) and battery status of the accessories.
  • Audible and visual warning functions (programmable)
  • Highly optimized automatic firmware update process
  • NOVO works perfectly even during updates
  • Battery supply in case of power failure to ensure full functionality (2 – 12 days)
  • More powerful battery can be used (instead of 400 mAh also 2000 mAh)
  • Deep discharge protection through intelligent battery fuse protection
  • Even in the event of a power failure, all NOVO functions remain fully active
  • Important functions programmable directly on the device, e.g. &change of passivation alarm
  • Programmable voice announcement for selected functions and messages
  • Test of GSM field strength and range of radio components
  • Switching between internal and external antenna
  • Loudspeaker of the finest quality
  • Large colour buttons with touch-recognition surface
  • Illuminated buttons at night
  • Visual acknowledgement for alarm transmission
  • Multi programming options
  • Easy-to-program
  • Functions programmable directly in the device