Wall Family

Easy installation
Wireless or wired wall I/O units
IP44 Ready
Frequency for social alarms
Low battery alarm
Clear LEDs to indicate status or function
Adaptable to any care environment

The WALL family is specially designed for the healthcare sector and includes PUSH, WIOR, PUSH + PULL, PUSH + PEAR, PEAR, PULL, 3PUSH, 3PUSH + PEAR, KEY, ROOM and ROOM + PEAR, offering a total of 11 units.

The WALL Family is an advanced group of devices used to send alarms, manage hallway lights and activate electronic systems controlled by relay interaction. These products have been designed primarily for use in nursing homes, hospitals and sheltered housing environments.

The WALL family is divided into 11 products: PUSH, WIOR, PUSH + PULL, PUSH + PEAR, PEAR, PULL, 3PUSH, ROOM, 3PUSH + PEAR, ROOM + PEAR and KEY.

WIOR, KEY, PULL, PEAR, PUSH, PUSH + PEAR, PUSH + PULL, 3PUSH and 3PUSH + PEAR can be delivered with different functions to meet customer needs. WIOR for different wireless communications, PUSH with a button, PEAR with a telejack connector, PULL with a pull alarm device and KEY with the possibility to disable one or both external inputs with a key. The functionalities can be combined in different ways. In addition, these units have configurable buttons. For example, the red button could be used for alarm, the yellow button for presence and the green button for ready.

A unit with a telejack connector has the possibility to connect an external device, such as a pear alarm button (PEAR) or double pear for two-bed per room scenarios.

ROOM and ROOM + PEAR have a standard configuration, as these two units have the same hardware, but different firmware.

In addition, the pull cord of the PULL and PUSH + PULL transmission units has an anti-strangulation mechanism and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The WALL family is available in wireless and wired mode. Wireless units can be combined with wired units to optimise costs in installations that have wired infrastructure capacity.

The WALL Family uses a dedicated EU frequency for social alarms adapted to the frequency reserved for the social-health sector in each country. These units can be configured via radio. The WALL Family works with the full range of NEAT accessories and peripherals.

The WALL Family products can be mounted in a wall socket or on a wall. If the unit is mounted on a wall, it is necessary to use a surface box with a height of 13 mm.

The WIOR, PULL, PUSH, PUSH + PULL, 3PUSH and ROOM products are also available as “IP44 Ready”. This means that combined with an IP44 surface box, the unit can be installed in areas where there is a risk of exposure to moisture and splashing, such as bathrooms, swimming pools, etc., according to an IP44 rating. The IP44 surface box kit is sold separately.

The surface box has a wall bonding gasket on the back and an insulating rubber surround on the inside back box, both of which are specifically designed to seal the device and prevent water ingress.


The multifunctional call button with plug connector

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The radio transmitter box

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The pull switch

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The programming unit

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The call and pull cord button

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