Medical Alarms Provide Peace of Mind to Retirement Operators

As a healthcare operator, we recognize that the well-being of your residents is your priority. That’s why we offer innovative and advanced technology to support your daily operations. Our business intelligence software (CMP-BI) and data analysis tool provide invaluable insights into residents’ home devices and community activities, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

Key Features of CMP-BI Software:

  • Delivers a swift overview through visual representations of the installed base and its evolution.
  • Allows for individually tailored displays of multiple key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Utilizes a heatmap for in-depth error analysis.
  • Displays the geographic distribution of devices on a map.
  • Enables the customization of analysis criteria with ease.
  • Facilitates early incident detection through advanced analysis.
  • Boasts a potent, adaptable, and flexible architecture that paves the way for additional features in the future, including swift dashboard development, integration with new endpoints, novel use cases, and intelligent notifications.

Furthermore, with the world’s largest production facility and advanced European technology at our disposal, we offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty on all NOVO products.

The Novo Smile battery, with an average lifespan of 5 to 6 years, often surpasses these expectations. This prolonged battery lifespan ensures lasting reliability, reducing the frequency of replacements and, subsequently, minimizing waste. By doing so, we actively promote environmental sustainability by reducing the disposal of used batteries, which can be detrimental to the environment. These batteries contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly approach to energy storage, aligning with the principles of environmental conservation and responsible consumption, making them a wise choice for both users and the planet.

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