Legrand Care Neat NOVO

Neat’s NOVO Connected solution is being installed and configured remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease

The coronavirus pandemic requires rapid and effective actions that help protect the safety and health of telecare users who represent one of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Based on this need, Neat, a leading manufacturer of home emergency call systems, through its subsidiary in Germany, has responded forcefully, therefore, since the beginning of the confinement offered its clients an initiative to install the telecare service remotely, in this way, service providers are able to home-deliver the NOVO connected solution –digital telecare terminals- and start it up without having to enter the user’s home.

The installation, configuration and monitoring of the devices is carried out remotely thanks to a powerful terminal management IoT platform developed by Neat. The user only must plug the device into an electrical outlet and the installer, from a central office, ensures that the system is operational in a matter of minutes. “Installation is as simple as turning on a household appliance”, they point out from the Neat subsidiary in Germany, Furthermore, this telecare service “once connected works reliably and safely”.

This responsible advanced telecare initiative allows the massive and remote deployment of terminal in homes and is proving to be very successful since it avoids contact between the installer and the end user and thus eliminates the risk of transmission of the COVID-19.

“Neither care organizations and their employees nor participants and their families have to expose themselves to the risk of infection when configuring and installing NOVO. Neat thus offers everyone involved the maximum flexibility and the greatest possible protection of their health, even in the current situation”, they highlighted from Neat Germany.

Likewise, this NOVO plug & play scenario is helping to ensure that a large number of older people have a highly secure digital telecare system, which not only allows them to request help in an emergency, but also to feel accompanied during this stage of unwanted loneliness they are experiencing.

At Neat, we are very proud to be able to offer solutions that help in the management of the crisis of the disease COVID-19 and we commit ourselves to continue collaborating with what we have been doing for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile one and those one who need our support the most.