Hume Retirement Resort upgrades with NOVO

In the continually evolving pursuit of safeguarding the well-being of our seniors, it is vital to discover solutions that seamlessly blend into their everyday routines. One such innovation that has been making waves in the realm of safety is the NOVO Alarm system. European designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, it has become the preferred choice for many retirement villages.

We are thrilled to share a testimonial from Kelvin Gilder, Sales Manager at Hume Retirement Resort Albury, highlighting the positive impact of incorporating NOVO Alarms into their facilities.

Hume Retirement Resort Albury

At the forefront of innovation, the NOVO Alarm system is not merely a security feature but a seamless integration into the daily lives of residents. The rollout of the NOVO Alarm system at Hume Retirement Resort Albury speaks volumes about the ease of installation, functionality, and resident satisfaction. As the industry continues to embrace advancements, NOVO Alarms stand as a testament to the positive impact technology can have on both safety and quality of life. If you’re considering an upgrade, don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities that NOVO Alarms bring to the table.