Innovation expertise NOVO by Legrand care partners with Tunstall Healthcare and Blueforce

LEGRAND CARE powered by NOVO moves with the flow for Retirement Operator requirements deploying innovative technology with Blueforce and Tunstall Healthcare.

Within 12 months of launching in the Australian Retirement Industry we have over 1,000 devices installed, and more being deployed daily. The Australian Retirement Industry is reacting well to a technically advanced 4G/IP product that comes from one of the most relied on brand in the world with over 1 million Novo’s deployed globally to date.

Working with the more astute monitoring centres including Blueforce and Tunstall monitoring our products in the traditional healthcare space – we also have partnered with Securitas – who have monitoring operations in 40 countries.

Recent installations

Powered by Tunstall

Lilydale Valley Views, Hume Retirement Resort and VMCH, we have implemented Traditional Monitoring via Tunstall Healthcare for its 128 Units and 57 Apartments and Community Centre. Each home is equipped with 1 x Novo 4G/IP and 2 Mobile Pendants with 1 call point. All devices have 4G SIMs and SMOVO smoke sensor integration will be available in early 2023.

Powered by Blueforce

Richfield Village, we have implemented Traditional Monitoring BLUEFORCE Monitoring for its 132 Units and 64 Apartments and Community Centre. The apartments are equipped with Novo 4G/IP with Pendant and 1 Call Point with Smoke Alarm Integration, while the units have Novo with 2 Mobile Pendants and 2 Call Points with no smoke integration. We are also exploring the new SMOVO smoke sensor device for units. All devices have 4G SIMs, and ongoing costs include SIM and monitoring fees.

Onsite Monitoring Solutions Powered by NOVO

At Blue Hills Residences, we have set up CLOUD BASED MONITORING – SMS for its 232 Units and Community Centre. The Novo devices include INACTIVITY Pendant and 3 Call Points with Smoke Alarm Integration. The inactivity feature sends an alarm to the CMP (cloud monitoring platform) when not moved within 7 hours, and the cloud monitoring centre tracks the data. Additional security includes PIR, where residents can Arm and Disarm the security alarm function as they enter and leave their homes via the Yellow BUTTON on NOVO. The Village receives daily alarm reports for actual events and a weekly report of units that have not moved their mobile pendants. The inactivity report provides insight into residents who are not wearing their pendants. The cost for cloud monitoring is $2.50 per unit per month, with SMS alarms sent to a series of numbers and will continue to escalate if no call back has been received on the device where the alarm originated.  Other features include email reporting and basic cloud access. All Novo devices are connected via ethernet, and only critical residents have 4G SIM cards as well as ethernet (4G/IP) for redundancy, but residents can request a 4G SIM in their device at any time. All powered by NOVO and BLUEFORCE Monitoring.

For Meracare, we have provided Local onsite monitoring and offsite monitoring by carers with mobile phones for its 93 Units and Community Centre. Each Novo 4G/IP device includes 1 Mobile Pendant with a 4G SIM card. This Novo unit configuration calls a carer’s phone, and if not answered, it calls another nominated mobile number and a third as final. Ongoing costs include only the 4G SIM card.