Australia’s 3G Network will
SHUTDOWN on 30 June 2024


Australia’s 3G network is rapidly approaching its shutdown date on 30 June 2024, and the need for reliable alarm services has never been more critical particularly for professionals in the healthcare and aged care sectors, and individuals reliant on telecare systems like medical alarms. The time to take action is NOW. Legrand Care is here to offer comprehensive support to everyone affected by this network transition.

Whether you are seeking to enhance medical alarm services in your retirement community, aged care facility, or exploring options for yourself or a loved one, we are committed to guiding you through the process step by step.

The 3G network will shutdown as off the 30 June 2024

NOVO stands out as the only emergency call system in the market that doesn’t rely on cloud software. With its advanced 4G capabilities, you can have complete confidence that even if the internet goes down, NOVO remains operational. This means your residents’ safety and security are always assured.

What’s more, NOVO can seamlessly integrate with smart home technology and peripherals like the Smovo smoke alarm, allowing you to future-proof your residents’ safety further. Our advanced ecosystem includes modern, compact devices and wearables that connect to a management portal, providing you with real-time information. The control always remains in your hands.

NOVO is 4G compatible, upgrade to keep seniors safe

NOVO offers wearable accessories that help users feel safe throughout their homes. Whether it’s raising an alarm, detecting inactivity, or identifying falls, NOVO is designed to minimize false alarms. The NOVO management portal enables authorized personnel to monitor the system’s technical status, including alarms and events, before contacting emergency services. You, as the operator, retain ultimate control.

NOVO by Legrand Care is always on, always reliable, and always ready to avert emergencies.
It keeps people safe and offers peace of mind.

Legrand Care is fully prepared to assist retirement communities, individuals, and aged care facilities in proactively preparing for the impending 3G network shutdown. Our goal is to address critical concerns, offer tailored solutions, and provide unwavering reassurance during this crucial transition period. We are committed to ensuring the safety, peace of mind, and uninterrupted care services for all those who rely on our systems, making the network migration as seamless as possible.


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