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Novo is an emergency call system that help keep seniors safe.

Legrand Care offers solutions that meet the requirements of nursing homes, retirement communities, care groups, and hospitals in the private and public sectors. These solutions are designed to cater to the needs of seniors, vulnerable individuals living alone, and those with disabilities or chronic conditions. These systems offer various features and functionalities to ensure the safety and well-being of the users.

Some of the solutions offered by Legrand Care include:

Medical Alarms

Fall Detection Alarms

Personal Alarms

In addition to individual solutions for home use, Legrand Care also provides comprehensive systems for nursing homes, retirement communities, care groups, and hospitals. These solutions are designed to enhance daily workflows for caregivers, allowing them to efficiently manage resident or patient safety and well-being.

By automating certain processes and streamlining communication, Legrand Care helps caregivers reduce stress and allocate more time to direct care and interaction with residents or patients.

Future-proof your residents safety

Powerfully simple, Novo is the only emergency call system on the market that does not rely on cloud software. That’s why we can say it will never fail. With its 4G capabilities, there are no worries if the internet goes down because Novo stays on. Which means your residents’ safety and security is always assured. This enables you to offer enduring peace of mind to your residents and their families. And as Novo can be set up to integrate with smart home technology and peripherals such as the Smovo smoke alarm, it means you can future-proof your systems and always be ready for emergencies of any kind.

Peace of mind for all

Other ways Novo can benefit your community

Novo comes with accessories that allow the user to feel safe wherever they are in the house. When someone is wearing the pendant (wrist or lanyard), it can raise an alarm and even detect inactivity or falls. Novo is designed to minimise false alarms. The Novo management portal allows authorised people to view the technical status of the system including alarms and events before calling an ambulance. 

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